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An A-DOOR-able New Door

Recently we were called to replace a door. A client was having an issue with a leak. They first noticed some water coming in from the threshold, which is never good, but they knew it was a real problem when they discovered the water had made its way into the garage (about 15 feet and a closet wall away).

David King discovering termite damage.

David checked it out and immediately knew the door needed to be replaced, but he was worried there would be a little damage to the frame once he removed the door.

A little damage is an understatement. David uncovered old termite damage that had been there from the previous owner. The entire structure was lucky it was still holding the house up!

We even found a hornet's nest!

In addition to the termite damage, he saw that there was no OSB (similar to plywood) between the insulation and the vinyl siding... Wait what? This project just got more complicated. He also discovered water under all of the laminate tiles in the foyer, stretching into the kitchen -- YIKES.

Fortunately, he is experienced in all types of rebuilds, so as soon as the homeowner picked out the new door he immediately got to work.

The homeowner eventually wants to expand the foyer out, so they picked out a builder grade door to hold them over until they get their money saved up for the expansion. But I really love the stained glass of the new door!

Another surprise was the original door was a 32" (this house is from the 80s so we assume the code was different then) which is uncommon for a front door. Since David had to build new framing he was able to start from scratch and create the proper sized door for today's code. A 36" door is so roomy! This couple should have no problem moving furniture in and out now.

Putting a coat of mud on the new drywall

David replaced all of the framing of the foyer, installed the new door, added OSB sheathing, new insulation, and then sealed it all up with fresh drywall. On the outside he re-attached the vinyl and replaced the gutter (that was causing the issue in the first place!)

The client decided they wanted a change of paint color, and a new front door color as well, as soon as they decide, we will finish it up.

Can't wait to see the final project! But this is what we have so far...

Front Foyer Door BEFORE
Front Foyer Door AFTER

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