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Mending Fences

Our hands are full with a big kitchen restoration, but smaller home repairs can be done for customers on the weekend right now. We want to make sure all of our clients are taken care of!

One of our previous clients called us to re-build the front of their fence before the HOA gave them a call. (See photo.)


Wooden fences are beautiful, but over time they just get worn down, and kind of.... well.... ugly. (I didn't say that out loud.)

Side note: If you didn't know, there's a shortage on treated lumber right now. I know that seems kind of random but between folks being home wanting to do projects because of the pandemic, and companies shutting down because of COVID-19, it's caused scarcity. We all know that scarcity also means the prices go up. Not the most fun thing to hear, I know.

Anyway, David took off all of the old runners and pickets, but the homeowner had him keep and reuse the posts because those were still in good shape.

David put on all new pickets and runners and BOOM, brand new fence after only a few hours.


I love how it turned out. Simple and beautiful.

If you need your fence repaired, replaced we can do that... or if you want to save a little money but give it a face-lift, we can pressure wash it for you!

David King standing in front of the finished product.

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