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Progress on the First Floor

The first floor restoration is coming along quite nicely! I have to say, I'm more of a fan of demolition when it's not 95 degrees outside, but that's okay. David loves demo whether it's hot or cold so no complaints from him.

There was a lot of carpet to rip up in the dining, family and living room. Unfortunately, I forgot my dust mask so I may or may not have been coughing up 30 year old carpet particles for a few days. 😂


The kitchen looked a lot more daunting than it actually was to demo. The countertop popped off

like a champ since it was old laminate, and the cabinets were pretty lightweight since they were MDF (Medium-density fibreboard).

Sometimes we go in with a sledge hammer tearing apart builder grade cabinets, but sometimes we take our time and are super careful... if we have other plans for them. This time we did!

David has been improving his shop, and needed some new cabinets to keep drill bits, paint, and etc. I have learned that a woodworker's shop is never complete. 😊

So even though we saved a lot of cabinets, we somehow still filled a big dumpster up full of demo trash!

Before we started the project, the kitchen had a set of bi-fold doors in the middle of the room that housed a pantry (there was also a closet pantry on the other side of a hall). It was kind of a weird layout, and in general, you never want the focal point of a room to be bi-fold doors.

In our design we took the awkward focal pantry out, and instead made it built in cabinets with additional countertop space (which the kitchen previously had seriously lacked!).

The space was kind of closed off, so David opened up the pantry and prepped it for custom cabinets.

I am SO excited for this... mainly because it was my idea. 🤣

David went ahead and prepped the walls for a subway tile backsplash. He installed a mold resistant drywall and then put up the waterproofing membrane that the tile will attach to.

He LOVES Schluter products. He always uses this brand because it's a great waterproof underlayment and makes application seamless. And I like it because orange is one of my favorite colors.

The client did not have a back splash previously so I'm excited for her!

Side note: I really love watching David put on Schluter modified thin set. It's soooo relaxing to watch it be applied... well for me, watching. Not so relaxing for him since he's the one doing the hard work. 😂

Anddddd.... the prep is done!

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