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The Beginning of a New First Floor

We always recommend our friends at, SerClean when you have water damage or mold. These guys remove the damage and dry out your room, so then we can come in, roll up our sleeves, and re-build your space.

Which is exactly what happened at Glenda's house.

Glenda woke up in the middle of the night and thought someone was taking a shower. Then she realized it was 3am and everyone was asleep. After some inspection she realized that her main floor was completely flooded. A supply line broke in her powder room, and not only was there a couple of inches of standing water on the first floor, it had made its way down the HVAC vents and ducts and destroyed the insulation in her basement ceiling. Yikes. But it could have been a lot worse had she discovered it later in the morning.

SerClean did an awesome job cleaning up the mess. They tore out all of the wet flooring and used the air pushers to dry it out. That's where we came in.

We met with Glenda to walk her space - it's a nice open floor plan and ideas started popping in our heads.

When we do restoration work we give the client the option of going back to exactly what they previously had - paint colors, flooring, layout, etc. OR making some changes. When your house is torn up from a flood, it's kind of the perfect time to go ahead and make those changes you've been thinking about for years. I mean, the walls are already torn up, the cabinets are toast, just go for it!

We told Glenda to put together her dream "wish list." Once we get the list, we get to work designing.

In the meantime, take a look at the before photos. Take a goooood hard look because it won't look like this for long.

Stay tuned...

(Use the arrows to scroll through the before photos.)

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