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What We Do

Honeydew Homes is a full service home repair and restoration company specializing in insurance damage claims. We speak “insurance lingo” and can help you through the claims process. 


We also facilitate vision and design work during the restoration process and any other renovation work. Honeydew Homes brings your personality into the process so it’s truly your space once the work is done.



Full restoration services for post-fire, water, mold and asbestos damage.


We put your home back together again, and assist with the insurance claim process when applicable.


We adhere to all local codes and building standards during the




We provide complete design services to help bring your vision to life.


We listen to your needs and what you feel makes your space cozy and we put together vision boards, design the space out on paper for a visual and pull materials (paint chips, tiles, flooring, fabrics, etc.) to present to help make your decision-making go as smooth as possible.

Custom Woodworking

Fine woodworking, specializing in furniture, countertops, and decor.


We can build a variety of unique custom pieces for your home that will last generations.


Home Repairs

Let us take the stress out of your home's general maintenance and sudden repair work.


We can tackle a variety of jobs --  from rotten trim to door replacements, or switching out those old light fixtures that just need to go.

We also offer interior and exterior painting, deck and roof repair, as well as pressure washing.

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