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Cabinets Y'all!

David LOVES woodworking. He was super excited that our "First Floor Restoration" client in Loganville wanted to upgrade from builder grade cabinets to CUSTOM WOOD CABINETS!

This is the stuff a woodworker's dreams are made of... except for the fact that David insists he needs a bigger shop every time he builds anything. Currently he's operating his woodworking shop in our garage, and when you own every tool under the sun, then you run out of room pretty quickly. 😏

David gets all of his cabinet grade lumber from Suwanee Lumber Company. They are a fabulous local business, and have such an amazing variety of fresh cut lumber. It's all beautiful pieces and he never has to worry about the grade or quality of the lumber. Perfect for woodworking!

He started with the upper cabinets...

It took him a couple of more days to finish up the bottom cabinets, but they are also now installed!

So excited to see this coming together!! If you'll notice, the cabinet is framed out for the farmhouse sink (which is here and ready to be put in!), and the cabinet to the left has three spaces for drawers. The client's former kitchen had very little storage space, and only about three small drawers. This is going to be a HUGE improvement.

And, I saved my favorite for last.... Can we just take a minute to appreciate a good built-in buffet? I am SO excited to see this come to fruition. The plan is to put frosted glass in the upper cabinet doors. I feel like I need to add this to David's "Honey-do" list for our own home. 😁

He's still wrapping up the island, the custom broom closet next to the fridge, and the powder room cabinet. He's working on these over the weekend so he can paint everything on Monday. The countertops get measured on Thursday and after we have the counters we can put the tile backsplash on.

I love seeing a plan come together! And y'all need to pray for Dave because I think he's having dreams of cabinets in his sleep. 🤣

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